Under the website of T3stN3t I have managed a few projects over the years.  Actually the domain has pretty much existed as a test bed for various ideas and concepts.  Some good, a few amusing, and the rest vast failures. – Started life out as a place to test HTML.  Then I found dreamweaver and HTML died.  Now it is the primary domain for various random projects. – Originally done as both a place to learn wordpress AND post episodes for an ill fated webisode series.  Now it houses my writing and a Savage Worlds group. – Who needs sub domains?  phpBB form that I used to play with form designs.  Was used for a guild from a long time ago that resided in a galaxy far far away. – Really, how long did it take me to learn subdomains?  Technically before T3stN3t existed I played with those HTML skills to provide a place to dump a minecraft server information.  The server and its world(s) have changed over the years but the delete key has yet to be found. – Ha! Subdomains, take that you ugly hyperlinks.  Site for Lacrosse team that I definitely do not play on.