Anatomy of a Dockerfile

I often get to sit in meeting in which the topic of containerization comes up and you can almost see the visible line drawn between a team’s leadership and the technical folks who have to build reality.  On one hand it’s a trendy topic and a worthwhile long-term endeavor in application management and development.  On… Read More »

Install Kubernetes on Prim With Ubuntu

Containerization has become a major trendy topic in the application and IT world as of late.  We could have an entire post based on the merits, pros and cons of containerization and application microservices however I will take the leap of faith that you’re here to setup an environment to test / run yourself and… Read More »

Green Landing

This is a story about love, but it is not a love story.  This is a story of triumph and failures; mostly failures from bad decisions and triumphs through luck.  This is also a true story insofar as any story can be true while being fiction. Like any good story, this one begins with a… Read More »

Time Marches On

Time marches on.  Refuges once cast upon the stars drift along through strife and flame.  The days slowly become weeks.  Fear is replaced by uncertainty.  The weeks stretch into months.  Uncertainty is slowly eroded away by community.  Months span into the void and become years.  Community becomes family, with its own strife and accord. Time… Read More »


Li’ase vaults over a console in an effort to take cover from the Inquisitor as he hurls a biotic bolt her way.  The bolt misses by mere inches and explodes violently in to the wall past her.  She glances to her right and sees Chrysabol had the same idea of taking cover behind the closest… Read More »


A door chimes but he knows the man who is approaching well before the sensor announces his request to enter the room. He can sense his guest emotions through the door much he way a baker can smell the ingredients in a cake without knowing the recipe. His guest is no anxious or worried. A… Read More »

The Pugilist

Blood swells in in her mouth, swilled about with sweat and tears. Her back straightens her resolve does not waver. She clears her mouth as he lumbers in, unrefined, full of anger. A sloppy right hook, she easily ducks under. She flicks out two quick jabs and then out of reach. Her opponent does not… Read More »

On the Tides of Sorrow

On the Tides of Sorrow “The closing days of the third cycle the sky burns, Machina purge / cleanse with fire and lightning. The winds carry ash and smoke of our loss, Of our sorrow, Of our failure. The winds carry also the seeds of the future. The Eldar recede in the wake of the… Read More »

Lost Soldier

Prone in the sand at the top of a ridge he licks his dry, weathered, and cracked lips. He has been stranded here for 4 weeks since his shuttle went down during a holding action against the reapers. Maybe it was 5 weeks? Time has become blurry, the days and nights slowly merged together being… Read More »