Terra Burns

We stood on the precipice of greatness, having defeated the limitations of the gravity well and looking to the system for our future. While we were fractious and in constant conflict with one another, we drove onward into the great expanse of space. The Journeyers believed it was time to find the Alpha’s who brought… Read More »

First Contact

First Contact. For hundreds of years humanity dreamed of first contact with another intelligent life.  Books, videos, papers, were done on the subject and even policy established on how humanity would handle first contact if and when it occurred during travel.  In the end first contact was reduced to a bloody and bitter war fought… Read More »

Murder at FTL

The void. Cyphon found himself standing in front of a view port on the IV lost in thought once more.  His mother had fought the Order and its Matriarchs for a “better life”.  It cost hers but ironically the resulting exile of him and his father did bring him a better life.  Back on Thess… Read More »


War, no matter how brief, creates change and leaves its mark.  The crew of the Agamemnon under the leadership of the recently proven green captain Jeem is struggling with the results of its involvement in a civil war, stirred on by one of their own.  After finding themselves crash landed on a foreign world, far… Read More »

What is your Flash Strategy?

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, though we were a bit busy in the Flash market.  Just in case you missed some of the awesome: NetApp on establishing a new #1 in the “Top Ten” SPC-2 Price-Performance ranking. NetApp Continues Flash Momentum: Gartner Magic Quadrant NetApp Takes Top Honors for Customer Implementation, Brand Leadership at Flash… Read More »

Common FAS Performance Myths

This is another one of those topics that crops up on the community every few weeks.  This time around a customer was nice enough to phrase the myths as two nice bullet points.   When we (NetApp) going to start supporting 25/40/50GbE NICs instead of just 10GbE? It is likely FAS couldn’t drive interfaces that… Read More »

IT and Band Saws – Part 4

After another rip roaring round of waiting the glue on the rails has set and the structure is complete.  Technically at this point we could call the project complete and move it into the house for use.  It would how ever be premature and without any finishing would wear out quickly. This is something we… Read More »

IT and Band Saws – Part 3

After a night of patient waiting the glue has dried and we have strong joints all around.  We could stand directly on the top of the bench and would be ok.  No one though ever site directly on something though, and this will be used by a child, climbing, jumping, and other shenanigans are to… Read More »

IT and Band Saws – Part 2

Time has marched on, air relieved the stain of its solvent and now we are ready to continue forth and start assembling. But first, a segue.  A coworker, whose opinion does matter to me, has just started the exciting hobby of woodworking / being directed by his management to work on various projects around the… Read More »

IT and Band Saws – Part 1

An associate I once knew said that I had a boring job and boring hobbies.  Ok, so to call him an associate is a bit misleading as I didn’t associate with him.  Truth is told, I didn’t hold a very high opinion of him or his points of view, which tends to happen when you’re… Read More »