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Li’ase vaults over a console in an effort to take cover from the Inquisitor as he hurls a biotic bolt her way.  The bolt misses by mere inches and explodes violently in to the wall past her.  She glances to her right and sees Chrysabol had the same idea of taking cover behind the closest object and hoping it was thick enough to stop anything sent their way.  She catches her breath and takes a quick peak above the console top.  Varkhan was still down in the corner after taking a biotic hit from the Inquisitor.  He was still slowly moving around, not quite dead.  It would make both her and Chrysabol’s life easier if the Spectare would die, but in this case both of their life expectances would rapidly drop.  They would need to do something quick to turn this mess around.  She was good for a bar fight and breaking the occasional persons bones to make Chrysabol’s point.  Gun battles and biotic warfare were best left to her royal bitch of sisters, the commandos.  She wondered, not for the first time, why it seems in their moment of need that Lily is once again nowhere to be found.  The second the voices start chiming in, she’s always two meters away to slap her around.

The Inquisitor had moved onto his next target, Gurlon it would seem had managed to piss him off now.  More accurately the annoying ball of light that Gurlon kept around as a pet seemed to be his current source of ire.  The drone was flitting across the room being pounded on by the Inquisitors biotics abilities, quickly loosing cohesion with each hit.  The drone buzzed by her cover angrily firing off small electrical charges towards the Inquisitor in a vain attempt to hurt the being.  She ducked back down as another volley of biotic missile impacted with it and in a flash of dark matter and electronic light exploded.  She sighed, too bad the annoying thing won’t stay dead, Gurlon would likely have his pet back up shortly to annoy and spy once more.  She chanced another peek above her cover.  Gurlon had ducked behind a support pillar across the room and was alternating wild shots at both the Inquisitors and his master the Speaker.   The Inquisitor was deftly parrying his shots away and the Speaker hardly seemed concerned at any potential danger his bullets might be as the shots were absorbed or reflected away from him from the biotic shield he was enveloped in.

Varkhan was up on his knees, a bit shaky but now pouring rounds down range at the Inquisitor.  The cyro rounds exploding off the Inquisitors biotic blade in flashes of super-heated steam.  The Inquisitor was good but Varkhan seemed to be better, a shot breaking his defense and striking him in the shoulder.  His armour absorbed the hit but the cyro round went to work freezing metal and flesh.  It was enough to slow him down but not stop him.  Li’ase could feel him drawing in more dark energy, another round of biotic attacks would soon be unleashed and Varkhan nowhere near cover.

Li’ase looked over at Chrysabol and with a nod they both knew what to do.  While they weren’t super commands nor did they have any sort of training the two had worked together in tandem for years and hell hath no fury like two pissed off biotic women.  Chrysabol unleashed a burst of dark energy forming a micro black hole near the Inquisitor, ripping apart space mater like it was little more than sheets of paper.  The average person would be torn from their feet and sent spiraling towards the micro event horizon, the extremely unlucky actually being pulled in and torn apart atom by atom.  The Inquisitor merely adjusted his defenses, pushing the stored up biotic energy he was about to release as an attack into keeping himself grounded and protected.  Too bad it wasn’t going to help him much.

Li’ase released a massive blast of biotic energy, not as refined or controlled as the Inquisitor’s, the Speaker’s, or that bitch Lily but just as destructive and very effective.  The funny thing about two dark mater sources intertwining, they never seem to work together.  Instead they violently oppose one another in spectacular ways.  In this case the micro black hole collapsed and exploded outwards releasing a massive amount of energy.  Some would say it was like recreating the beginning of the universe.  She didn’t care as it was loud, flashy, and highly destructive.  The average being was simply disintegrated and reduced to a black smear on the floor, assuming the floor survived at all.  The Inquisitor was proving to be anything but average.

The explosion sent the Inquisitor flying across the room towards Varkhan who jumped out of the way leaving him a pile of limbs and robes sprawled across the floor.  Caught in the moment of ecstasy from the explosion she lost track of the Speaker, a brief but painful mistake.  She felt the surge of energy but it was too quick for her to react a breath later he side flared as the energy lanced into her.  She let out a scream and clutched her side, feeling her hand being washed over by the warmth of her own blood.  Her vision darkened around the edges and the voice spoke up.

“Enough games, let us end this now.”

She swayed on her feet, a surge of dark energy pouring into her body.  She could feel them watching, with their clip boards and needles.  They would start the testing again soon and she would never go back.  The voice promised her she would never go back.

Li’ase stands up straight, the pain of the wound ebbing to the background, all but ignored.  He could see the flow of energy around the Speaker, could see how he tapped into it and bent it to his will.  The blade he summoned a mere extension of his will and anger, much like her biotic blast.  She let the anger at this being who dared touch her flow pulling the energy to just past her reach.  And with a thought she held that anger just at the breaking point and forced it into a blade.

She stared across the room at the Speaker.  “Nice trick, mines bigger”.

Focusing the abundance of biotic energy she had been pulling in she released it has a surge of energy into the space between the two of them.   Normally she would release this amount of energy as a chaotic explosion, not caring what it did, only that it was spectacular in its release.  The voice though had taken over, it was providing control.  Time and space tore apart between the two and she hurled herself at the Speaker.  The energy surging her through the distance building momentum as time slowed down.  To her it seemed to take an eternity to arrive but to the rest of the world she moved the distance in less than a blink of an eye.  She screamed out in range as she struck down at the Speaker.  He brought his guard up barely in time to block the first blow.  The impacted though threw his guard wide and Li’ase quickly followed through with a vicious slash though his midsection.

The Speaker was no more.

The world swayed and Li’ase vision began to blur once more, the focus and energy gone.  She collapsed to her knees exhausted.  In the background she heard the report of a gunshot two more times.  A moment stretched on and a third.  She let out a heavy sigh as someone was at her side trying to lift her up.  “I could use a drink.”

Cyphon smiled at her as he attempted to shift her weight, “I think we could all use one.”

Varkhan walked over to them; even battered and bruised he was still all business.  She couldn’t help but think “pompous jackass”.  “It’s time to move, they likely won’t take kindly to us killing off their god priest.”

The door to the room opened up and she could here footsteps as people rushed in and weapons being leveled at them.  She couldn’t see him but she could feel his biotic charge, the same barely checked rage that she just ended.  His voice spoke a moment later and confirmed her fear.

“Yes, it is time for you to leave.”

The Speaker walked from his group of guards over to the body of the Inquisitor.  He kneeled beside him and placed his hand upon the Inquisitor’s chest.

“Your task has been completed and my Inquisitors role done.”

He stands and looks at the group.  “This battle does not happen here or now.  Continue now on your journey knowing that you keep the Plan on its course.”

With a nod the party finds itself standing on the bridge of the Agamemnon being stared at by Admiral Jeem.  After a brief moment of being startled she looks at Gurlon, “What the f…”

Varkhan cuts her off as he turns and leaves the bridge “I hate cryptic godling bullshit. I’m getting a drink.”





Agamemnon Crew

Citadel Defense Navy Personal

  • 7 Command Staff
    • Executive Officer – Captain Davidson (Human)
    • Communications Specialist 4 – Oleg Karpinsky (Human)
    • Engineering Ensign – McLaren (Human)
  • 3 Fire Control Technicians
  • 2 Engineering Technicians
  • 3 SeaBee
  • 1 Ship Steward
  • 2 Galley Personal
    • DECEASED – Crewman – Chloe (Human)

Citadel Marine Corp

  • First Sargent Asari Commandos – Lily (Asari)
  • 8 Security Officers
    • DECEASED – Corporal – Ed (Human)
    • First Lieutenant – Cyphon (Xan)

151 Civilians

  • 36 Citadel Citizens
  • 43 Xans
  • 72 Terrans

Population Losses

Battle of Hell’s Perch

  • 234 Civilians
  • 3 Biotic Commandos

Church of the Seekers

  • 11 Xans Converted


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